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Sea of Life Profile Natural Health Care Products - from the Dead Sea

    Why Sea of Life ?

    By: Uri BEN HUR Founder and CEO

    What would you call a unique inland Sea 400m below sea level, which is the largest natural      
    reservoir of 26 minerals and trace elements (including Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium,    
    Selenium, Bromine, Sodium, Iron, Titanium, barium, Copper, Zinc and Lithium to name a
    few), the very infrastructure of life, supplying vital nutrition to both our minds and bodies?
    What would you call a Sea that create a baby skin impact after bathing for 20 minutes?
    What would you call a Sea whose oxygen pressure
    is 20% higher than anywhere else on Earth and whose extra 400 meters of an atmosphere
    filter the harmful rays of the Sun? What would you call a Sea upon which a peace between     
Israel and Jordan is being built?

Dead Sea?”

    No way!! Thus, we have bestowed upon that Sea a title it deserves, a title we have
    registered as our official trademark: Sea of Life™ (old name: The Dead Sea). Sea of Life™
    has gone global and we offer you the opportunity to participate in this exciting endeavor and join us in
    a partnership for Peace and Prosperity for your body and mind and for your environment.

    The Sea of Life™ Vision is an example of a brighter future for the long-
Middle East, where people work together to build a better world for their children
    and their children’s children.
    Based on this vision, Sea of Life™ utilizes the unparalleled concentrations of life-enhancing
    minerals contained within the mud, salt and water of the Sea of Life™ supplying vital
    nutrition for both body and mind and applies innovative ideas and formulations with 100
    percent Natural extracts of Micro Algae (such as Dunaliella, Spirulina and Rhodella, rich in
    Vitamins and Amino Acids), Herbal and rare Flower extracts, Great emollients such as
    Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Calendula Oil, Almond Oil, Sesame oil, Avocado oil, and Anti
    Oxidants such as Niacin, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea extracts and Vitamin E,
    to transform them into wonderful health and beauty products with proven therapeutic

    Our aim is to deliver these products to the peoples of the World that helps people to look
    and feel better, while becoming healthier, at the best possible quality and attractive
    packaging. We invite you to participate with us in our vision of a healthier, happier and
    more relaxed future, filled with fun, Colors, Music, Mud, Salt, Water, Amino Acids and Anti

    Welcome to the
Sea of Life Planet.

    Sea of Life 26 Minerals and Trace elements These minerals, mainly Magnesium, Calcium,
    Bromine, Sodium, Chlorine and in trace elements: Strontium , Iodine, Lithium, Zinc, Sulfate
    and others relates to cell metabolism and stabilizing the moisture content of the skin. The
    molecular structure of the minerals allows them to penetrate the skin and nourish its cells.
    The minerals use a process of osmosis to draw moisture , which is essential for proper
    metabolism from inner layers of the skin to the external layers, the epidermis. The main     
    functions of the major minerals are summarized hereafter: 
                       - Magnesium – Anti allergen especially for sensitive skin, a moisturizer and   
                         cofactor for many enzymes necessary for cell activity.
                       - Sodium and Potassium – active in transport system across cell membranes,
                         enabling nourishing substances to move in and toxic materials to move out.
                       - Bromine - Antiseptic, heals and relieves skin diseases such as psoriasis,
                         soothing and helps in relaxation of nerve endings.
                       - Potassium – water balance regulator, increases the rate of metabolism and                           
                         helps in regeneration and growth of the cells.
                       - Chlorine – improves mineral balance of the cells.
                       - Calcium – strengthens cells membranes, relieves pain, activates enzymes.
                       - Zinc – participates in enzymatic regulation of cell proliferation.

    It is now recognized that the interaction of
Sea of Life minerals is important to increase the
    metabolic rate and maintaining proper moisture levels. Loss of water is the primary cause
    of dry skin. The softness and flexibility of the Stratum Corneum is a direct function of its
    moisture content. We can summarize the biologic process in the skin as follows:

                       - Cells need a combination of minerals to prevent evaporation of moisture.
                       - Moisture is essential to a proper blood flow into the skin region.
                       - Blood carries the oxygen required for the metabolism process.
                       - Loss of minerals is linked to the formation of wrinkles.

    The Baby Smooth Skin People are reporting after using Sea of Life™ (
Dead Sea) Water
    that skin becomes extraordinarily smooth. While considering that Sea of Life™ (
Dead Sea)
    Minerals penetrates the multi layered membranes of the skin and the fact that minerals can
    restore moisture, explained by their hygroscopic qualities, we can conclude that Sea of
    Life™ (
Dead Sea) Minerals enhance the skin natural moisturizing factor.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Life Enhancing Minerals and trace elements, source of
    health and youth, welcome to the
Sea of Life Miraculous Water.

    We wish you great shopping!! 

Lets Flower The world!

Sea of Life Distribution enquiries: uribenhur@bezeqint.net



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