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100% Natural Dead Sea Mineral Mud - 400g 100% Natural Dead Sea Mineral Mud - 400g
Item No: 551001

Sale!! 6 units - 6 dollars**

**Natural Dead Sea Mineral Mud at 1 dollar a piece (when ordering a minimum of 10kg (22lbs) of Dead Sea products).
Regular price of a single unit: 9.95 dollar

The mineral rich mud from the Sea of Life (Dead Sea) will enhance your bathing with healthy, mineralizing, revitalizing, energizing, detoxifying and stimulating properties for the body and soul. It will promote circulation and absorb impurities with the positive effects of the essential minerals found in the Dead Sea. 

Some recommended uses for effective results:
Mud your Body and Wash: While showering or bathing, pour a generous layer of mud on a loofah and mud your body. Can be used twice per week. Rinse with lukewarm water and apply a generous layer of body lotion.
Mud Massage: Mix in a bowl with a wooden spoon Sea of Life™ Mud and Sea of Life™ Body Lotion, massage your body for 5 minutes in a bathtub and rinse with lukewarm water.
Mud and Sun: Apply the contents of the bag on your body and shower after 5 minutes in the sun.
Mud Party and Fun: On the beach with friends and music: mud you and mud your friends, dance, tell jokes and chill out!

Precautions and safety: For external use only. Valid for 3 years after production date. Not tested on animals. Contains no animal ingredients. Not for use on the face. Do not apply on the eyes. Do not eat or swallow.

Ingredients: Maris Limus (Silt/Dead Sea Mud) 100% natural  
Made in Israel by Jordael Ltd. 35 Bezalel Street, Arad

Price: $9.95  
Sale Price: $1.00  

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100% Natural Dead Sea Mineral Mud - 400g
Sale Price: $1 Sale!! 6 units - 6 dollars**


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