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News / Jordael Factory and Sea of Life
17.11.11 what happenned in June 28, 2011

Jordael Factory was burnt completely in June 28, 2011. The fire started with an electricity problem. Shipments for export and shipments for our Sea of Life chain and for our franchises, machines, the building and the warehouse of finished goods, all was burnt. The choice for me, Uri Ben Hur, the creator of the vision was simple and easy: to rebuild.

A vision is not an opportunity and a disaster is not a reason to withdraw from the Sea of Life vision. Sea of Life is a wonder before the new seven wonders and the passion to develop natural products that helps people (and animals and plants) and develop the desert should continue for this planet and the universe disregarding any problem in the road.

When the Sea of Life team heard about the fire, they came immediately to the factory to try and help and when it was clear that the fire was stronger, we all started to cry. I promised to all immediately that we would rebuild.

Sea of Life is the house that created many natural brands like mineral flowers with the eco message of lets flower the world: www.mineralflowers.com,  like spa follies with extracts of couscous and burgul, like yes to carrots, yes to tomatoes, yes to eggplants, yes to cucumbers and the yes to concept in general: www.yestocarrots.com , the idea of mudding the world, find our special offers in: www.seaoflifeshop.com , with Sun of Beach, natural sunscreen with jelly fish  protection (the Jelly fish compound protection was created by Nidaria), the Botanic garden and many new brands soon.

This is our life to build and to rebuild, to create, to formulate new products with a real added value, to do it with passion, to respect, to lead with the truth, and when we get there in our spirit, we are capable to continue, and  to continue with new ideas. The Vision is so vast that you will never touch the end in your life time, neither the next generations.

Of course we restarted to manufacture one month after the fire and we expect to continue with the past ideas and new ideas with always a real added value to the users, to our employees, to the environment and to the universe.

Let's make the World a Sea of Life, Let's make the Universe a Gigantic Sea of Life,


Uri Ben Hur



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