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News / Think Sea of Life
04.10.11 and save the Dead Sea, Desalinate water in the Desert , save the lac of Galillee, renew the natural life in the Jordan river

 help delopping the prophecy of the green desert. We think Sea of Life and we created a law project that will save the Dead Sea , will save the Lac of Galillee , will renew the natural life in the Jordan river and will deliver the prophecy of a green desert. the law project is in Hebrew and can be translated via web translators at http://www.atzuma.co.il/seaoflifelaw

The Sea of Life Law is friendly to the environment,  with a very low investment and a lot of work to the private sector.

The Law project  suggests to Desalinate one billion cbm of water in the desert and use this water as a basis of life , basis of peace  and with an obligation to export the know how to all the deserts in the planet.

Thinking Sea of Life is thinking out of the box, think life instead of Dead (Sea), thinking different, creating novelties, diving deep in the world of imagination, diving in the Sea of Life.

The Sea of Life Team.





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