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News / an Interview with Uri Ben Hur
11.03.13 Sea of Life Chief Philosopher is answering our questions, exclusive creator and founder of yes to carrots, mineral flowers

Marcom Manager:

Mr Ben Hur , thank you for giving us the opportunity to present your vision and to answer our questions.

Q: what is you vision for natural beauty brands?

A:They have to be good to the skin, main focus is is moisturizing , energizing, repairing.


A: with our special natural extracts made with Dead Sea (Sea of Life) water and Sea of Life Mud.they were tested for example by Sephora with mineral flowers products and they were found as significant moisturizers, in vivo. we are continuously creating vitaminerals extracts.

Q:wow!is this extracting process exclusive to your products?

A:yes!! this process was developped in 1997 . the extracting process , and the ingredients as well, are exclusive, and 100 percent natural .

Q:what was the first ingredient extracted?

A:Spirulina and it was followed with Chlorella, Rhodella and Dunaliela, micro alagaes , full with nutrients . for the skin and they can be eaten as well. They are the future food for humans, animals and ...plants.

Q:This is Brilliant. How are your extracts linked to the marketing concepts and brands you have developped?

A:They emphasize the extracts source but not only. Mineral Flowers are formulated with flowers extracts but camel milk is extracted as well and formulated in the hand cream and body lotion. yes to carrots was formulated with pomegranate peel extract , spa follies was formulated with extracts of couscous and burghul. This planet is so rich that the combinations of extracts are endless.

Q:why Chief Philospher?

A:to communicate my appreciation to information and to the development of wisdom.

Q:Some rumours on the web are suggesting that you are trying to hide your Israeli links to yes to carrots, what is the truth?who is the founder of the yes to brands?

A:I am an Israeli, Zionist, and lives in the free Jerusalem. I am the exclusive creator of yes to brands (2005) and there are no co founders . unfortunately there are some people that presents on the web and in the written media that they are co-founders or founders. they are not.those that claims they are co-founders , are salesmen, they tried to sell their false story to the media....It is very similar to the attempts of those that suggests , that I am hiding ny Israeli origins. I am not and will say it again: I am Israeli, Zionist and lives in the free Jerusalem.

Q:Do you have a great peace message?

A:Lets Flower The world, with Mineral Flowers.

Q::could you tell more about Sun of a Beach?

A: yes , sun care formulated to protect from Jelly Fish with Dead Sea Water and Dead Sea Mud.

Q: Do they protect from Sharks too?

A:We do not test our products on animals and I have no answer.  my recommendation is to avoid the sharks.

Q:What will come next?

A: as usual , it will be a new mosituring formulation with exciting natural ingredients.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Thank you for your questions. 

 email:    letsflowertheworld@gmail.com




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